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What is Ultrasonic Cavitation aka Laser Lipo aka Noninvasive Lipo?

hiiii it’s Tiffane Nicol also known as The Body Genie and founder of Snatched Cream .... ”heeeeeyyyy y’all” soooo, let’s jump right into it!

You been hearing about this new thing called Ultrasonic Cavitation where there‘s a machine that dissolve fat and you have instant results with no downtime, no needles, no BMI checks, no pain... right?!? And I’m here to tell you it’s all true!!!! Yes!!! There is a God and he heard our prayers lol....

So before I start inserting these before and after pictures let me break this down in the lamest terms ever:

Ultrasonic Cavitation aka Laser Lipo aka Noninvasive Lipo is were a trained professional use Ultrasonic waves to liquify fat cells that then flushes out your body via your lymphatic system. Results are typically instant after a 30 minutes to 1 hour treatment. Results are maximized up to 48 hours with Snatched Cream wrapping lotion that firms the skin and keep the fatty cells suppressed.

Now some before & after pictures of real results and real clients:

What is Snatched Cream you say? It’s The Magic Sauce. It’s a coffee base cream that melts fat, tighten the skin, reduce cellulite, eliminate stretch marks, rebuild skin cells, and when used while working out as a “workout cream” it increases your energy. I’m not lying y’all, this cream really do what it say it do ... for real for real! In another post blog I’ll tell the story about how I created this magic sauce because this post is about the magic of Cavitation!


See, you thought I got off subject... nope! I’ll going to give you the 411 on Laser Lipo, Lipo Cavitation & noninvasive treatments, all the tea! ☕️

So, do Cavitation, Noninvasive Body Contouring, Laser Lipo really work??? I promise you no lie!!! Cavitation really is the shit and it really does work. 😂 (potty mouth Tiffane as usual) excuse my French but it’s so real I got to be frank.

So quick story about my discovery of Ultrasonic Cavitation:

I’ve owned a salon business for 10 years now and I had a child hood friend hassling me about coming abroad in my salon to do this body contouring treatments on my clients. For 3 years I told her no and blew her off because I didnt believe there was a machine that was melting fat painlessly with real results. I have a reputation to uphold I couldn’t promote this to my clients without believing in it. So one day she called and I just straight up took her I didn’t believe it would work. She said “let me make you a believer“ ... so me with the big heart and the passion for business I said “ok, do a treatment on me with before and after pictures” .... y’all!!!! Real y’all... when I saw the before and after picture I could not believe it ( I wish I had the picture to insert). So I hired her abroad and started promoting away. However, this relationship was short lived because she lacked the customer services skills I hold my staff accountable for within Style Mobb Studio (my image salon). So long story short, I had to go get trained because now my clients were asking about the service.

And the rest is history .... Cavitation is the best and safest noninvasive Lipo Body contouring treatment you can get.

For more amazing before and after pictures follow us on IG @snatchedbodycontouring & @stylemobbstudio

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